Women Care Group Project Overview. 



  Women care group 101 (WCG101) is an organization formed to bring relief and aid to helpless victims all over the world irrespective of race or religion. WCG101 is a charity organization fighting to combat hunger in the world, help the sick, Saves lives, Stop child sex, and sex trafficking  by  empowering old and young women including  men to sustain themselves  ,Feed the poor, Cloth the poor, Provide free education for children, micro loan, farming tools , youth rehabilitation in Africa, Asia, Americans and Mideast etc…..


We are joining other charities to fight for humanity world wide and we are proud to present our first project which will take effect by 2011.


Project: Stop Women Poverty

We Hope to provide job through our training workshop and sales charity outlets to enable us employ the jobless youths by providing avenues for them to grow thus; encouraging them to be self sustainable people in the future. There are major areas which we hope to  contribute to support these individuals, we  are raising funds to enable us provide lands for local farmers , seeds for planting, safe water for drinking, free medical facilities, free medication, financial support through entrepreneur lending program, free education, all this can be provided for through your kind contributions and donation..

We organize arts exhibition and education seminars, we sell products made from our organization to encourage the poor. We also contribute to aiding and helping other ngo’s who have dedicated themselves to serve humanity. 


Our Activities include the following


              Women empowerment

             Free education for children 

             Women & trafficking

             Youth drug awareness

            Working with other ngo’s

            Volunteering programs


Women empowerment  

Women Care Group101, empower women through its training work shop for hand works and by the means of micro loan. WCG101 hope to organize skilled craft training, and computer course for younger women inluding topics about and sex education, creating more schools, teaching women on how to take care of newborns, organizing and teaching the young girls and women family planning Program, Youth Sport Club for the handicapped.


Youth drug awareness 

Youth drug awareness drama and youth rehabilitation center:

Youths will be encouraged to participate in our drama programs a way to create more awareness against unprotected sex, abortion, drug abuse, crime, prostitution, and gambling, women raped and abused e.t.c.



Women Who Are Victims of  Trafficking 

Our major focus is women who are poor. In recent news women are forced to sell their female child to sex trafficker who give them a few hundred dollars which in many case they never see their child again. We hope to work international and local level with the other ngo’s to discourage such act against humanity. To ensure access to justice to the survivors of trafficking and raise the issues of safe migration WCG101 hope to actively participated in against human trafficking Besides, WCG101 is working hard to provide trainings and orientation on safe-migration process, WCG101 is planning on working with international job agencies that provide good jobs for the already educated youths who are too poor to get recognized.  



Other areas we also pursue is that we hope to spread the message and donate as much as we can.  we are seeking donors to help our Charity raise this targets so that we might be able to give it to the people who needs help and those who  and also send our support to other ngo’s e.g. of the causes we are interested in are as follows:


To save animals going extinct,


To support scientists around the world working day and night to find cure for diseases


To support the flood victims.


To support human rights activists.


To help fight for illegal immigrants rotten away in a foreign land as prisoners.


To help victims who are forced into labor.


To help victims who are forced into prostitution


Free education for children

Women Care Group101 fight to improve the standard of education by 100% in every child through our free giving program for less privilege children we give every child a chance for a good education by nurturing and training every child to discover his/her skills or area of specialty, using our quality standard of teaching . Every child benefits early education for free as we pick them up while they are still so little and teach them for free at our BIG SUCESS EDUCATION CENTER .


We provide Teachers by means or our volunteers program and get learning materials for free through sponsors and donors

WCG101 strive to maintain and guide every child to become independent and self reliance in the future. We hope to achieve this by organizing school debate to test every child’s potential also our volunteers teach and organize play and interactive activities for the kids every weekends we also provide free children tours within and around the neighborhood for fun to encourage hospitality in every child.


 Free Sanitary Pad workshop for women


We hope to teach women how to make re-usable enviroment friendly hygenic sanitary pad..


 Widows support 

   We hope to ecourage widows to move on by helping them through the period of their loose and providing means of permanent livelihood for widows.


Send us a mail if yo wish to support any of the projects mentioned above thank you.


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