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me with a Volunteer tour Package Overseas?


That’s a fair enough question; here at


volunteer abroad opportunities, we offer.


Volunteer packages


All of the volunteer overseas packages we offer have flexible dates, with some packages lasting just a few days and others lasting for months, so why not book a holiday as you normally would and find a volunteer package in the same location! That way you have your holiday overseas, whilst still being a volunteer overseas, ultimately making you a volunteer tourist!

How WCG101 Volunteer tourist Overseas Packages is by far the cheapest tour ever!

If you’ve decided you want to e.g volunteer overseas with less privilege kid in Cambodia but you also want to spend some time looking around others provinces and experiencing everything it has to offer, not just the Orphanage kids, try and apply it to yourself or contact us we will help.


Step one: Find yourself a volunteering with Less privilege kids in Asia /Africa package. Once you are done deciding which continent you choose to go. Write us and let us know where you have decided to go, easy huh!


Step two: Decide when you want to go and how long you wish to stay. You will get a special surprise treat if you stay for 2 weeks holiday a year, More if you help out in one of our organizations or partners.


Step three: If you wish to travel around the neighboring country of your choice we can also arrange for this service including accommodation through out your vacation; now isn’t this fun!

Hang on a minute… you’re pretty much done! You book your week’s volunteer package, and then arrange flights to e.g. Thailand for 2 weeks and a hotel/hostel for the week after or before your volunteer package and give a few hrs at the orphanage homes within the area you choose to tour that makes you officially a volunteer tourist! .


We also offer side menu as follows:

Cook classes

Dance classes


Massage and spa treatment from the hands of professionals

Massage by the blind

Art and craft class

Moto bike and bicycle renting

Diving classes

Trekking and climbing in the prvince’s


Contact us for more info, go to contact form


Want to be a Volunteer tourist? Sounds like fun huh?


oh yes its pure Fun! Fun! Fun! all through your stay.

If you look closely, some of our volunteer packages do involve a holiday as well, but we recommend custom building your own as described above as this way you get to do exactly what you want, when you want!. Remember the profits generated by this business unit will be invested in Asia/Americas/middle east and Africa to financially support projects that are taking care of the direct needs of children, the sick, poor, handicapped, women e.t.c….

Would you like to support us in making this possible?

Become a sponsor of International Business for Children for as little as 10 euro per month, or make a one-time donation which ever way you choose to help we value you support!


If you’re still undecided, then keep an eye on our blog (or subscribe via RSS) as we will be launching articles on different volunteer tourism packages!

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day!.

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Wcg101 Non Profit Tour


age and contact us.

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Women Care Group 101 (WCG101) is a not-for-profit,  non-governmental organization and has not been funded by any organizations. WCG101 is proud to offer all of the services, that our competitors offer, at a very special economical price.

WCG101's program fees are nearly two to three times less then other International volunteering organizations.

We are world wide organization we are now expanding in Asia Cambodia and we place volunteers directly to our own projectsor send them to other recommended ngo seeking our volunteer support. We therefore do not have to pay for any other agencies or organizations. We have mainly local staff and volunteer; do not have to spend that much for the operation cost. Our full time staffs also do not make 6-figured salaries; and we work very hard and smart to keep costs down especially for you the volunteers where it counts the most.  


That is the reason; WCG101 volunteering programs are the most affordable programs in Asia compared to other organizations of its kind. We remain devoted to maintaining both the quality of the programs and the safety of all volunteers involved. Our program fees starts from 240€. They vary depending on the program and the length of stay. Any money saved out of the program fees, directly goes to pay our program local staffs and community projects. Our all programmes are funded through volunteers' supports. Here is a brief summary of the program fees that WCG101 offers 

Program Booking Fee: $115.00 - is a non refundable fee which covers processing your application and pre-departure support and is not deductible from program fees. 



Internship/volunteer terms of service please read! 


In this document, the following words shall have the following meanings: 'you' and 'your' means the volunteer / intern who applies for a volunteer or internship placement through WCG101. The volunteer / must be 18+ years old. We', 'us', 'our' and ` WCG101 means Women Care Group 101 ; volunteer internship program under Volunteers Initiative .


Terms and Conditions

By accepting our Terms and Conditions on the web site and/or signing Application Form, WCG101 and you agree to be bound by its terms. If you are uncertain about any of these terms and conditions, or you would like an explanation of any part of them, please contact us. You can also obtain your own legal advice on them, should you wish to do so.


Placement and Location 

It is a condition of your booking that you are prepared to be flexible in relation to your Placement and location. If you are not happy with the placement offered or a suitable alternative cannot be offered, we will refund any money you have paid us deducting the costs of training / program orientation and any other administrative support for processing application you have received. In order to process your application for a placement, you might be asked to provide a suitable reference and health check and/or criminal check. You/your doctor may also be asked to provide additional information on your health. We are also entitled to carry out a check on you with the Criminal Records Bureau (or any equivalent body). If in our opinion, the reference and/or health information and/or criminal check we receive about you or any other information you provide make you unsuitable for your chosen placement, we are entitled to refuse to proceed further with your application. In these circumstances we will not refund your deposit in order to cover our costs in processing your application and placement arrangement. We honestly believe that all statements made in our website are factual and correct. Every reasonable effort has been made to describe the placement and to provide the amenities described. We cannot therefore be held responsible for any changes that become known after the brochure was produced (up-to-date information can be found on the website), nor can we accept liability for happenings outside our reasonable

control. We undertake to advise you of any material changes known to us prior to your departure. You are also advised to obtain any relevant information you need from WCG101.



WCG101 arranges accommodation during program orientation and placement period from your program cost. In placement accommodation, your sleeping arrangements may be private or

shared, and in most cases you will be required to share a bathroom and toilet facilities. It is Important for you to realize that bathroom and toilet facilities and standards of hygiene

will be in accordance with local standards. These facilities and standards may sometimes be very basic. You must be prepared to cope with this.



WCG101 provides food during training and placement from the program cost. You should receive at least two meals a day throughout your training and placement, which will be of a suitable

quality or quantity by local standards usually (Noodle soup - rice, vegetable curry, pickle) etc. If you wish to supplement your diet with other foods the responsibility of these expenses are yours. We will only cover food and accommodation for the period agreed for

your placement and only at your placement and training. For example if you go trekking or wish to stay in the country you are volunteering for  after your agreed period of placement you will be responsible for your own expenses. If you decide to go away during your placement we cannot refund you any monies and you do this at your own cost.  In the most cases you will be staying with a host

family after the program orientation and will share the same food with them. Should you have any condition you should let us know before your arrival. Should you wish to return to the city in the weekends, you must cover your food and accommodation cost.


Training / Programme Orientation

You will receive a training / orientation in English language, culture, program related topics

e.g. TEFL TIPs. The length of training depends on (2 days to a week) the nature of work and length of your stay with wcg101. Training / orientation is part of your volunteering program.

You should not take it as optional. You should be clear about your work plan and schedule during this phase. If you wish to visit the community during the program orientation phase,

wcg101 will take you there so that you have better understanding about the community you work for. You will also be taken to one day sight seeing in the nearby province to help you develop insight on cultural and historical sights, e.g. This is also covered by your program cost. 



You are responsible for arranging and paying for your own travel (including your air fare) to the airport closest to your placement, and for your return journey at the end of your placement. We will not plan a program until you have sent us your flight details. We are unable to reimburse or otherwise be responsible for any flight, travel or other costs or expenses of any nature for example if your flight is cancelled. Your program cost does not cover your transportation of any nature.

Collection from the Airport On receipt of your flight details we will organize for you to be picked up from the airport to


Your accommodation.

This is covered by your program cost and as such there

will be no charge for this and we will endeavor to do our very best to be on time. We can not be held accountable for problems such as traffic jam but we will do our best to meet you punctually. Also please note that we are not allowed into the arrivals hall of the airport so

we will meet you just outside with a name plate. The area is not big and it should be easy to find each other.


Other Expenses

You are responsible for all of your personal expenses during your training and placement, which includes, drinks and entertainment, the cost of transport from your placement to other activities such as trekking or checking email. This is not expensive and we can provide

approximate costs if you request them from our office $20 per week. As a volunteer, you agree that you will not request any payment from the organization responsible for your placement.

You will be placed adjacent to the working site; hence WCG101 does not cover any travel expenses.You will cover your departure transportation and tax  You will be responsible for VISA extension cost.


Travel Insurance

You will be responsible to arrange your travel and medical insurance cover for the period of your placement; you are responsible for ensuring that the amount and type of cover is sufficient and appropriate for the nature and location of your placement. You must provide us with a copy of your certificate of insurance as soon as possible. This insurance should at least cover; the cost of cancellation of the placement by you; the cost of assistance including repatriation in the event of accident or illness; legal liability and expenses; lost baggage; cancelled flights; medical expenses; kidnapping; liability arising due to personal injury to you or a third party; cancellation of your placement for any other reason including our liquidation or any other reason beyond our control.


Problems during your Placement

You are responsible for trying to sort out any problems that may arise during your placement, however, in the event that you experience any difficulties, WCG101 local staffs will be available and will do their best to assist you. He/she may also be able to provide practical

help should you need to return to your country of abode before completion of your placement as a result of illness or other personal reason (although you are financially responsible for the costs of this, either under your insurance policy or otherwise). If it is imperative that you do leave your placement, for example due to serious medical problems, then we will either hold your money in credit until you can resume your placement for a period up to one calendar year or at the discretion of WCG101 we may be able to refund you an appropriate amount, for example minus the training and administration costs.

It is important to remember that our staffs will be available at limited times only and will be able to provide limited support. The nature of your placement is that you are able to show a high level of independence, flexibility and initiatives in dealing with problems yourself as they arise. Our staffs will take all reasonable steps to arrange a safe placement with a consistent level of work throughout, but we may not have any direct control over your placement. We cannot guarantee your level of work. You are responsible for taking every day common sense steps as an independent traveler to protect your safety on a day to day basis.However you will be advised from time to time. 


Your Obligations

You must comply with any reasonable request by your placement. This may involve being transferred to a site in the locality provided that this would not place you in any danger and the travel to the appropriate site is reasonable, or that suitable accommodation is

provided. (You are not responsible for any reasonable travel costs incurred in doing this). You must not enter into any direct negotiations or contractual arrangement for employment during your placement. 

You must take care of and be responsible for any materials provided for your use by your placement. You are responsible for any damage or loss you cause to such materials (directly or through neglect). You are responsible for any damage to your accommodation caused by

you or any guest(s) of yours at your accommodation (directly or through neglect). You must dress appropriately for interviews and work. You must behave appropriately in accordance with locally accepted behavior and custom during your placement. We do not accept responsibility for failure to secure work or dismissal from such work due to inappropriate dress or behavior. You should be culturally sensitive all the time and must respect local culture. Visits from / to opposite sex is not encouraged while you are in the host family /

organization due to culture sensitiveness.However we can make exceptions during weekend you are allowed to visit your friends as long as you cover your own expenses.


Cancellations and Refunds

Once the volunteer makes a decision and pays for the registration fee and program costs, upon receipt of invoice, VWCG101 does not refund any registration fee and program costs under

any circumstances. She/he should be for that particular program. However, if the volunteer have unavoidable circumstances (such as illness, death of in the family etc) may request to

leave the program, WCG101 will consider to return 25% of the host family cost, if volunteer are registered for more than 30 days program. No refund will be made if program is less than

30 days and if volunteer leaves program in their own decision.  Volunteer position are non transferable.


Program Dates

Dates of your program are agreed prior to training in host country.You may leave your placement early with wcg101 agreement but no refund will be granted. You should arrive at least one day prior to the program orientation/training date. You may extend your volunteer

period at the discretion of and with prior agreement of wcg101 provided monies for the extra months are paid in advance. When your placement is over you must leave your host family's residence. 



I have read wcg101 's Terms and Conditions included with this application and agree to  participate on wcg101 Volunteer Program.


Name ..............................................Surname......................................


 Date/....... /........./............   Tel...........................................    


SIGN HERE.......................................  

(Please print copy and sign with date scan and send to




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Always make sure you keep safety in mind at all time!
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