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What excites me about the idea of a blog is because it gives me the opportunity to write my own stories straight from my heart, my own travel experiences and future travel prospects. Enjoy reading!

But wait, I've never truly believed in myself, I often felt my blog would be a total mess. A few weeks ago I started this travel blog and ended up pouring my heart content to it. I felt like I was under a spell, I just type my most frustrating experiences.
I am still trying to get over my past considering the amount of energy I put into suppressing the pain I have carried deep inside my heart for years. My blog isn't exactly your conventional Travelblog, not sure of how long I've been blogging considering the number of blogs I have registered and abandoned, even forgotten some, but I am certainly not an expert:
Don't get it?
I don't have to be a pro to blog, plus I do not need to own a personal domain to blog either, I could use any good platform, either way, I am safe,right? but I don't feel safe. You see, I never had the courage to do this, I am truly grateful for whatever gave me the strength to pour out my heart. First of all, not everyone will see things my way, it’s ok as long as I am doing the right thing and following my passion.
What I learned and why I like to share for free
P.S. Here's why I allowed this jimdo site to remain free for years, I did it because I know what it's like to be poor and struggling to survive in the competitive market of the internet-world, you can call it my way of paying it forward.
1- Commitment is the key, you must stay commited to your choice of bussines no matter what you do.
2- Learn to travel if you wish to be inspired, I know the internet provides you with shit loads of information but with too many information you beging to lack choice and by so doing you hit the end of the road. So start with cheap flights and book cheap hotels or just drive or hire a car within your neighborhood. In all my years of traveling experiences I have never seen big or small companies get their inspirations from just staying put. These smart people travel and explore, they go abroad for inspirations in other to improve ther sales and techniques, or even within their neighborhood. Bottom line is the internet have what you need to start but not everything!. You need to be real, different and unique otherwise you will never get noticed no matter how good you are.
3- Don't let your inabilities stop you. If you must do it on a free platform and still make good sales otherwise enjoy what you do, also you can do wjat wise ones are now doing help each other scratch my back, I will scratch yours.
I Plan to travel the world and enjoy diffrent cultures with locals and if you wish to join the trip learn more why not subscribe. For those of your planning of starting a travel blog it's easy if you are passionate about it, however if your are doing it for a price then start with visit my blog learn more of how I am manage to hack my way in.
If you as thinking of traveling as a newbie but dont kno how to start contact me or leave a comment
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