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Women Care Group 101 is an non-profit organization, headed up by an enthusiastic philanthropist with a vision. 

This vision is as follows: To provide help for very poor women and children world wide we believe a life of dignity is every person's human right,Wcg101 provide help for less privilege,disables and victims of natural disaster all over the world irrespective of gender, race , religion or ethnic origin. 


We hope to create business units that will generate a monthly income to financially support projects in Third World countries that are involved in taking care of  the less privilege victims of poverty, diseases , homeless kids ,handicapped and  homeless families, in the form of food, clothing, education, medical attention ,micro loans and play.

We are therefore looking for financial support from businesses and private individuals, which will enable us to set up our first business unit in the Asia/Americas/middle east and Africa.  This business unit will be an online fashion and media shop which will also include arts & hand crafts, and media advertisement e.t.c. 


The profit generated by this business unit will be invested in Asia/Americas/middle east and Africa to financially support projects that are taking care of the direct needs of children, the sick, poor, handicapped, women e.t.c….

Would you like to support us in making this possible?

Become a sponsor of International Business for Children for as little as 10 euro per month, or make a one-time donation which ever way you choose to help we value you support!.


Women Care Group 101 is totally dependant upon the financial support of businesses and private individuals. We are seeking your financial support to enable us to set up this online shop - The profit generated by this sales will be used to support the various projects in our cause that are involved in providing for the direct needs of children, women, sick ones, homeless, handicapped e.g. we will like to provide clothing, food, education and medical care. With your support, we can make our projects a reality. In the future, we would like to set up other business out lets through our world wide partners and supporters. These fashion & advertising media will, in turn, generate profits, which will be used to financially support projects in other Third World countries.  You can support the International Business for Children Foundation by:

Your gift / donation

WOMEN CARE GROUP 101 is thankful for every gift. You can send your gift/donation, in support of our work, to donate to our banking account go to DONATION PAGE:

Your contribution will be used solely for the purpose for which it has been sent, to support the work of Women Care Group 101 projects..

Structural donor

You can become a structural donor from as little as € 10.00 per month. Your support is vital! We do not receive any financial support from national or local government and are therefore, totally reliant on our donors and sponsors. In this way, we are able to generate and guarantee a regular income.  Added to this, will be the income generated through sales by our own products, services and donations. 

 Would you like to support us?

Kindly contact us for our authorization form which authorizes Women Care group 101 Charity to debit your account on a monthly basis.

Business Partner

Women Care group 101 seeks to establish a structural cooperation with her sponsors for a minimum of two years. There is, of course, also the option of making a one-time donation.  

Will you support us so we can realize this?

Please send us a mail for us to send your form to your mail.

Corporate Partner

Women Care Group 101 is seeking Corporate Partners. For details of the benefits of Corporate Sponsorship, kindly contact: wcg101@consultant.com


Women Care Group 101 knows a growing number of businesses and organizations, which are willing to support the work of our organization.

This support can be by way of a financial contribution but also by serving us with discount on services or products. 




Helping our future generations!





The Invincible Child

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Women Care Group101 Non Profit

YOU ARE INVITED. HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY Win special prizes plus one month tuition for your kid at Big Success Education Center. To enter this promotion you must ENROLL your child to our school. We have assorted gifts, carefully selected for the lucky winners. We will award the winner a one month free tuition and a consolation prize for the 2 – 5th position. Additional information on How to enroll your Child into BSEC Program: Register your child at our school to win.  About BSEC: BSEC is a small quality private American standard international school. We offer adult education, conversation, English grammar, writing and spelling efficiency, we provide services for daycare, English kindergarten/Pre-school and Grade-1-6. BSEC PROGRAM is a FREE motivation program for children in grades K-1 to Grade 6.... Additional gifts for kids who tell us about books they've read, and earn points and prizes for their literacy successes. ... This educational incentive program was founded to give your kids a chance to win and study in high quality standard school such as BSEC.  The BSEC program provides kids with an opportunity to earn real prizes. Kids will need to register before they can participate in this program... Registrations are open from 8.30am to 11am/ MON-FRI. We have an intermission from 12pm until 1pm for lunch then BSEC registration will recommence until 6.30pm.  VENUE: Road 217 Street 58 D5 House No B 01 Borey Chomkardom Sangkat Dang Khoul Phnom Penh .Tel: 023-65-233-00 /0887927443/ Wcg101 a light to those living in darkness. Copyright © 2010 Women Care Group International. All Rights Reserved. WE CARE
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Support IIMAC Nonprofit Our partner NGO (Wed, 07 Dec 2011)
 Greetings Dear friend,  We are happy to have you visit our website while you are at it why not visit our partner NGO IIMAC nonprofit as we are working together to teach the less privilege children . Become a fan on  facebook  add IIMAC on Twitter, or just leave a comment here if you like what we do. For more information click here. We are also seeking for volunteers to help us teach the kids Click here for more info.. Wcg101 a light to those living in darkness. Copyright © 2010 Women Care Group International. All Rights Reserved. WE CARE
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You are invited to join us as vounteers!...
You are invited to join us as vounteers!...

We are growing our networks of volunteers join them!